Save fRoots Magazine!

fRoots Magazine has launched a major Kickstarter crowdfunding appeal to secure it’s future. They have been publishing continuously for almost 40 years, bringing you the best in folk, roots and world music – what they call ‘local music from out there’.

Joe Boyd : “I doubt if the huge audience that now exists for world and roots music would be there if it weren’t for fRoots.”

Robert Plant : “Incredibly stimulating.”

But, like many print magazines, they’ve reached crisis point. See statement below:

“We want to keep publishing the great interviews, commentary, photography, reviews and listings that t readers love and are so vital to the independent music world we support – but the magazine is no longer breaking even, despite our faithful advertisers and subscribers. We’ve been having difficulty covering our costs since the crash in 2008, and the magazine can no longer continue with its current business model.

We need to develop a new business model and decide what our next steps are as a publication – but we can’t devote time to doing that while we’re also trying to stay on top of a busy publishing schedule and balance increasingly unbalanced costs and income. This is why we need your help.

If we can raise more than £20,000 – preferably a lot more! – it will greatly relieve current pressures, so that rather than worrying about paying the bills, the fRoots team can develop a new business model for the magazine. We can also plan for the current editor’s handover to a new team to take over the reins. Founder Ian Anderson has been tirelessly creating the magazine all this time, and is keen to ensure a smooth transition to make sure all the work of the last four decades won’t be lost. Your support will mean that we keep the magazine going for as long as possible, with a team willing and able to take it into the future.”

Please contribute and/or share this link. Lots of great rewards are available!