Sam Sweeney Solo Shows

Fresh from some hugely successful solo shows, Sam Sweeney is keen to take on some more one-man shows in beautiful, acoustic spaces which allow for a very special immersive musical experience for audiences.

“Total tingle factor… a beautiful piece of work”
Verity Sharp, BBC Radio 3
“I was really struck by how his playing is so lyrical, it’s almost like listening to a singer… From the very beginning, I felt I was listening to something special… I felt transported to other places and times – musical escapism at its best.” TradFolk
“Enhanced by the exquisite acoustics of the venue, Sweeney’s trademark sensitive and highly expressive playing shines throughout this EP and gets to the heart of the tunes in its delicate and distinctive way.”
Bright Young Folk

Solo availability between 6-19 June, and 7-10 July, but also options for occasional shows outside of these periods. Please enquire.