Regulatory Information

Employment Agencies and Employment Businesses Regulations 2003

The above-mentioned regulations have made it necessary for all music agents in the UK to adopt new working practices.

The requirements set out in the Regulations are fairly inflexible and require that all music agents provide terms of business, in writing, to each artiste, as well as to each promoter or booker or venue with whom they deal.

The Regulations set out the matters that must be covered in those Terms of Business. Non-compliance with the Regulations is a criminal offence.

The Regulations and the guide to the Regulations can be found at:


The guide has been produced by the Department of Trade and Industry together with the Actors’ Union, Equity.

You can download a copy of our document ‘Standard Terms of Business – Promoters, Bookers/Venues’. You should read this document, including both appendixes. These Terms of Business (and the required information) must be completed & returned by every organisation or individual with whom we deal on behalf of any artiste for whom we may from time to time seek work.

Furthermore, and in connection with the Employment Agencies and Employment Businesses Regulations 2003, it is also necessary for us to ensure the records we hold here for you are correct. For that reason, please download the form to fill in so we can verify the records we keep here are up to date and correct.

The following Word documents can be downloaded (Right click to save as):

    Standard Terms and Conditions of Business: Promoter or Booker/Venue

    Standard Terms and Conditions of Business: Artistes

    Promoter, Booker, Venue records