Niepold Cutting Duo

– a playful meeting of 2 diatonic accordionists
The Niepold-Cutting duo brings together two great musicians and friends. Two strong personalities in the small world of the diatonic accordion. A meeting to challenge, to be inspired. To bring together two very particular musical universes with intelligence and mischievousness.

Because the concert can be danced and the bal is listened to. 
Because the accordion is not cheesy. 
Because the world definitely needs mixtures. 

Anne Niepold (Belgium) is an extraordinary accordionist and composer. As a performer she is a true force of nature; brash, adventurous and phenomenally skilled. She takes the humble accordion in startling directions; she has always had a reputation for breaking the conventions around this instrument, never hesitating to take it out of her comfort zone.

Andy Cutting (England) is a soulful and technically outstanding melodeon player with an ear for a fine tune. He is also a warm and emotive performer, modestly engaging his audiences with his self-deprecating wit and then flooring them with downright staggering musicianship. Andy has been consistent musical force since he came swiftly to prominence with the innovative Blowzabella. 

Touring 22-24 November and 1 December 2024
plus 4-14 April 2025.