Cinder Well Joins ABM 

ABM are delighted to be working with Cinder Well, Amelia Baker’s brilliant experimental folk project for a new album tour from 12-23 September 2023 (plus summer festival bookings). Cadence out 21 April 2023 on Free Dirt Records drifts between two far-flung seas: the hazy California coast where Amelia grew up, and the wind-torn swells of Western Ireland that she’s come to love.

While there are still hints of the doom folk that Cinder Well is known for, Cadence balances heavy lyrics with a more expansive sound The songs search for a sense of grounding and a feeling of home.

Amelia will be touring as a trio with the talented Jim Ghedi and Ultan O’Brien.

Touring new album with trio 12-23 September 2023 + summer festival bookings.

“This is the new high lonesome for a modern era” – Folk Radio UK